December 16, 2011

Riddler Was Here

Somewhat related to the last post, this one is also related to a warriors. Vikings must pass this ancient trial to prove their worth. I don't know what they're after (I should, I really should, story is the most important etc etc :S) so currently that part is under construction. I am happy with the values in this one.

December 12, 2011


A final resting place for warrior kings. Forgot how useful flipping the image was and didn't use it until just a moment ago after many revisions and croppings.

December 02, 2011

Sketch + Anatomy dump

Some recent figure sketches and anatomy studies from Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy.

October 23, 2011

Horrible Experiments Concluded

I am done!

This is my finished piece for's Character of the Week. I started designing this guy on monday, and it took the whole week to finish this thing!

Here is the CHoW thread for the finals, and here is the progress thread.

October 22, 2011

Horrible Experiments 4

Getting there. Worked on the belly, the contraption on his chest and the other arm. My idea with the arm was that he cut it off himself with his cleaver (gotta remember to add blood on blade), as he did to his leg shackle, to begin his murderous spree around the testing facility.

Also inked the outline of the drawing. Looks neat, but not sure if it fits. I'm not really a big fan of outline in works that are approachign realistic rendering.

Still gotta work on that background, and when I'm finished with this, I need to make a basic character sheet, which means I get to draw the same character ~3 more times until the deadline (monday :o)

October 21, 2011

Happy Experiment

To balance recent atrocities, I crapped out some colorful compositions. ^^

Horrible Experiments 3

WIP. Had to chop his hand off for time being, going to do something else with it. The brief said that the character was supposed to want to die, so I'll have to incorporate that in there somehow.

In my head I was thinking that they've pumped something into this guys veins, making him super-agressive, trying to hack and slash everything he sees. And then when the whatever substance runs out, he starts feeling the pain from all the implants and surgeries they've done, and will eventually want to kill himself.

Anyhoooo, I'm a bit off with my design when it comes to the brief. Getting a bit too scifi as well. Gotta pay attention to stuff.

At least this time my lighting setup shows enough of the character (last time was too murky).

October 20, 2011

Horrible Experiments 2

Here's my WIP for this weeks CHOW. One of the the things my last picture lacked was a clear focus, so I'm trying to get that there. Basically that means putting the characters head against a contrasting background. Seems to work alright.

Another thing with designing is to scatter different elements around, so the whole thing is coherent. I'm trying to do that with having the leather pieces, muscle tissue, bubbles and mechanical parts all appearing all around the design. I think it's the same with color coherence in a painting. They say a color should always appear elsewhere in the painting, to bind it to the whole.

October 17, 2011

Horrible Experiments

Figured I'd try my hand at this week's Creature of the Week. The theme is to create a horrifically failed experimentation subject from 1965 Soviet Union's secret underground medical labs. Should be something that could be possible, so no fantasy/scifi.

I have in my mind some kind of a poison experiment... gotta see what happens. My character drawing skills are like a rusty meat knife, they're rusty. Har har.

Underwater final

Aaand here's the final image I just sent to Environment of the Week. Still loads of things to fix and adjust (composition being the biggest), but I'm pleased with the overall quality of the piece. Many aspects were a bit beyond my skill level, which is good :) Here's the thread.

October 16, 2011

Underwater cont 4

Hahahaa. So I'm trying to go for an organic looking submarine base. How's a bee hive for a launch pad :D

edit: Closeeeer to completion

October 15, 2011

Underwater cont 3

Yet another redesign of this weeks Environment of the Week contest. I keep veering away from the subject (Hidden Submarine Base Under Iceberg), so I end up redesigning areas that I've already spent 1 hour rendering. Lesson learned I hope.

There was also some talk about perspective issues when depicting underwater and overwater object at the same time, so I rounded up the horizon line to imitate a fisheye lens.

edit: Upped a more complete version, still far from completion. Deadline on monday though :3

October 03, 2011

Wall continued 3

A thing of the past


Think about something you regret doing. If you could go back in time, would you do differently? You would probably answer ‘yes’. But could you do differently? It's not possible to travel back in time with this improved future knowledge and make a more educated decision. The insight that a poor choice has been made always comes afterwards. Yet people insist that they had made a poor choice at the time of choosing. In fact at the time of choosing the choice was the best one they could make, so that's what they did. Had a better choice revealed itself at the moment of choosing, they would've made that better choice instead.

Why do people regret? Why do people think they make poor choices, when it's not true?

We've been brainwashed into regretting, thinking we are bad persons, thinking that we should’ve somehow magically had some better information, but it was because of our magically tainted soul that we didn’t have this knowledge. We think we should’ve known better, when in fact we could not have.

Think about right now, this moment. Why would you make a mistake? Why would you do something you don’t intend to do? How could you do something you don’t intend to do? Bad choices always seem to be made in the past, never in the present. Why is that? Is it possible to make a bad choice? It's possible to think afterwards that it was a bad choice, but in the time of choosing, is it possible to choose wrong?

September 22, 2011

September 14, 2011

August 04, 2011