February 29, 2012

Mace-off 2

Still struggling with the composition and values :E When I'm done with that, I'll do a detailed drawing and start rendering!

February 28, 2012


A piece of Guild Wars 2 fan art I started today.

February 25, 2012

Last Man Standing Finished!

After a feedback session with a friend (thanks Vlad for paintovers!) I believe I have improved on the concept of this piece. Unfortunately the original high res working file was lost, so the most I can do with this one anymore is color adjustment. Re-rendering lost quality isn't in the list of my favourite things to, and I believe I have learned what I came for.

Ultimately it's my best piece yet and I am very pleased! Tried to snap as many WIP screens as I could along the way, too.

Last Man Standing colored

So, after a week or two of reading color theory I return to try coloring this thing again and I am more pleased with the result now. Still not sure if this thing is finished. Not really comfortable with the level of rendering overall, but I would say this is one of my strongest pieces thus far.

February 11, 2012

Last Man Standing

New image! I want to fill the environment with fallen combatants, weapons, arrows and destroyed structures, and feel really daunted by this task. I also want the debris and everything to support the composition.