February 14, 2009


This is a picture of Wolverine climbing out of a barrel. Which makes no sense at all. Well, I was just testing Sketchbook Pro out, and it's way better than this Artrage 2 that came with my Wacom tablet. Might even consider purchasing it at some point (only a measly 100 euros :D).

The drawing is work in progress. Might change the barrel thing and add some wolverine legs.

Post-it! So I did. Here's some hands. Fap fap fap.

I'm fairly pleased with two of these sketches. The others could just go to hell. Grr.

The one in the lower left corner was drawn using a mirror. Not sure what's with the angry grin. Maybe it's my inability to draw.

This one has some swiggles, trolls and a christmas tree. Want to know what's common with all these? Me too.


Sketches! Due to my inability with HTML there will be many posts in a row with each consisting of one picture! Groovy! I suck.

Starting with Keanu Reeves (it's clearly him, right?)