October 03, 2011

A thing of the past


Think about something you regret doing. If you could go back in time, would you do differently? You would probably answer ‘yes’. But could you do differently? It's not possible to travel back in time with this improved future knowledge and make a more educated decision. The insight that a poor choice has been made always comes afterwards. Yet people insist that they had made a poor choice at the time of choosing. In fact at the time of choosing the choice was the best one they could make, so that's what they did. Had a better choice revealed itself at the moment of choosing, they would've made that better choice instead.

Why do people regret? Why do people think they make poor choices, when it's not true?

We've been brainwashed into regretting, thinking we are bad persons, thinking that we should’ve somehow magically had some better information, but it was because of our magically tainted soul that we didn’t have this knowledge. We think we should’ve known better, when in fact we could not have.

Think about right now, this moment. Why would you make a mistake? Why would you do something you don’t intend to do? How could you do something you don’t intend to do? Bad choices always seem to be made in the past, never in the present. Why is that? Is it possible to make a bad choice? It's possible to think afterwards that it was a bad choice, but in the time of choosing, is it possible to choose wrong?


mr.Ace said...

Wau, you just hit me in the right spot man... Earlier today I was thinking about my career choices and things like that, but then I got away from it with a help of some friends and a movie. But thanks to you I'm thinking about it again. But, you know, you're turning my point of view from negative to positive. And when I start to think too much, my point of view is not very easily affected by anything. Thanks for that. But I have a feeling that this blogpost wasn't even near talking about career choices :) Whatever it was, I hope you can solve things out. If there even were any problems.

Simo Kovanen said...

Glad to be of any help :)