March 06, 2012

Motivation and critique

Here something I've been wrapping my head around lately. I'm applying it to art making, but I think it can be applied to any project or task.

If you want be done with a project, you generally don't want critiques that ask you to redo the work and effort you've already done. If, however, your motivation is to produce quality work, you welcome any critique that might get you closer to that goal.

I see this in me. When my driving desire is to be the artist that has done great art, I take critique personally, and it hurts. But if instead I want to be a story teller, I'm naturally thankful of the opinions of others, as they benefit this goal.

Sycra touches on this issue when he tells about his journey in art making. He states that it's not a lofty goal to base your self worth in art. I suggest checking out all three parts if you're into art making.

As to how the jump can be made from being an ego-based artist to a selfless story teller I don't quite know. Perhaps that is for every one to find out by and in themselves.

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